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        Asili Nzuri Organics

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Iced Cinnamon Magic Cream


This Ultra Rich Cream is the perfect moisturizer for skin in need of intensive hydration. This body butter with a high concentration of Shea butter, Aloe and fresh cinnamon is thick and rich, rapidly absorbing without leaving an oily film, and is specially formulated to hydrate, nourish, and protect dry and damaged skin.


Shea Butter is known to contain a number of ingredients with biological activity that includes moisturizing and healing skin afflictions.

•Vitamin A - Necessary for healthy skin function, beneficial for blemishes, dermatitis, allergic skin, prevents scarring, anti-aging.

•Vitamin E - acts as an anti-free radical agent with anti-aging benefits, increases micro-circulation of the skin, repairs cellular degeneration, moisturizes skin.

•Essential Fatty Acids – building blocks for the collagen in our skin, promotes tissue repair, prevents scar tissue formation and is anti-aging.

•Cinnamic Acid – provides minor natural sun protection

•No synthetic chemicals, no chemical preservatives or any other toxins that can strip, irritate or dehydrate your delicate skin. Truly, 100% Natural

•Made Fresh By Hand


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