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        Asili Nzuri Organics

We all have flaws but your hair and skin doesn't have to be one of them!!!

* To become a monthly subscriber you must return to the home page, select which package you want and fill out the information.

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Embrace your natural beauty!!


Asili Nzuri is Swahili, meaning natural beauty, naturally beautiful.

 Our mission: To offer the very best quality of product. To always maintain the highest integrity, to never cut corners where our customers and products are concerned. To produce a product safe enough for all ages, skin types, and all races. To help people embrace their natural beauty, rebuild the confidence of all people. To allow the option to treat and care for hair and skin without the potential harms of chemicals.

Whether it be issues with your hair or skin, Asili Nzuri by Pj has something just for you. I'm positive all of us are beyond tired of paying for products and never seeing results. Asili Nzuri by Pj delivers as promised. Our Magic Creams (whipped Shea) blended with our 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils protect and treat both the hair and skin. Excellent for problematic hair and skin. Please feel welcome to look around our web store. has some thing for the entire family. Work on your feet all day? Try our All Natural Bath Salts. Dry heels,elbows,lips? grab one of our 100% Organic Exfoliating Scrubs for immediate relief. also offers free consultations with each purchase. we do not test on animals, I LOVE ANIMALS! Our product line is not just for natural hair. We have masterfully culminated a superb chemical free product line for your entire family.

Our goal is to rejuvenate you from head to toe and to bring out your individual, natural beauty. The experienced and talented staff members at Asili Nzuri are among the most qualified in the industry.

I am.... Asili Nzuri. You are... Asili Nzuri, We are.... Asili Nzuri


New Bern, North Carolina

Pick Your Fix

We have four wonderful selections for our Monthly subscriptions. Take the stress of running out of your favorites, simply by having it shipped automatically. Here are our choices:

FOUNDERS CHOICE: $25 is for the beauty whom enjoys variety and surprises.

SILVER: $35 One Magic Moisture Cream, bath bar and a scrub.

GOLD: $45 Two Creams, Scrub, 1 bath bar.

PLATINUM: $55 Three Magic Moisture Creams, TWO bath bars, Two scrubs.


•  Simply because we understand!!! We know all to well the woes of purchasing product on top of product, only to be disappointed. We understand how costly it has become to purchase several products for your regime. this is why Asili Nzuri was birth. Imagine One product, that meets all your hair care needs. Free of chemicals and drying agents. Gone are the days of chasing the latest gimmick!!! We have provided an affordable,dependable line of products. Safe for every age, every skin type, and every race.... Did I mention our products are 100% organic??? Yes, 100% organic! No gimmicks! No fluff!


Organic EXfoliating Scrubs

Smoother, clearer skin

Magic Moisture Creams

strengthens, and grow hair

Lip Balms

soft, healthy, kissable lips